Friday, 15 June 2012

Review: Benefit Perfumes

I'm not a big perfume person, and I prefer to wear body sprays mosy days, especially at school. However, if I go out, or I want to feel nice, I have a few perfumes that I can choose from though I did not buy any of them myself (I have a few samples but most were gifts).

For christmas a year or two ago, my mum bought me  set of the 'Crescent lane' perfumes from Benefit. They are the minature ones, yet they last me FOREVER. I thought I'd do a little post for anyone who is interested, I know Benefit can be expensive, especially for people such as myself who can't justify spending a huge amount of money on one beauty item! x

They just look so pretty together!

Lookin' To Rock Rita
I find this smell quite fresh and light, personally I wear it as a day scent but you could wear it at night. This isn't my favourite, but I still think it has a very pleasant smell and would recommend that you try it for yourself. The actual description says:
"Top notes are amalfi lemon and freesia; middle notes are violet and fig; base notes are sandalwood, vanille and coconut."
Garden Of Good Eva
I always take this perfume with me to school, I use it when I want to feel a bit nicer or after doing sports of something like that. This scent is gorgeous, it's very floral and girly. I would like to get the full sized version of this, but it's fairly expensive and I need to use up the other Benefit mini perfumes before I get a full sized one. Again, the actual description is:
"Top notes are lily-of-the-valley, melon and pear; middle notes are jasmine, freesia, rose, violet leaf and lily; base notes are sandalwood, oak moss and virginia cedar."

Laugh With Me Lee Lee
This is proabably my least used and least favourite perfume out of the four, but it is still a nice smell that I would happily wear. Although personally, I find that this scent is very light and does not last very long so will need to be re-applied every so often. You may like this scent a lot but I think Benefit may have replaced this one in the sample set, so you might HAVE to get the full sized one...
"floral-woody fragrance, which incorporates notes of currant leaves and buds, melon, citruses, black violet, lily, jasmine, blond wood, amber and sandalwood, representing aromas of English garden."

So Hooked On Carmella
This is the scent that I like the most. It's such a gorgeous smell and it is very feminine, so perfect for any nights out or special occasions. I really love to wear it and would really recommend checking this out if you like sweet, kind of sophistictaed perfume.
"Top notes are grapefruit and amalfi lemon; middle notes are tiare flower, peony and cyclamen; base notes are sandalwood, amber and vanille."

 If you are a perfume person and you haven't looked at these yet, I think you really should! Check Denners, Debenhams, some Boots stores or House of Fraser and if you ask, I'm sure they'll allow you to sample it.

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Angry Birds Nails!

The finished product!

This nail design was inspired by a youtuber called "Cutepolish". Mine is not exactly the same, but I think it's quite cute anyway, and not too bad for a first attempt. I think I prefer the little piggy because he's a bit neater and easier to do.

I've only done these two fingers and it took me so long! No way I could do all my nails, but they could maybe work as an accent nail? Though it's be hard to paint it on with my left hand!