Sunday, 2 September 2012

Lolita Fashion at the V&A

Because I was in London this weekend, I visited the V&A museum, primarily to collect research for a textiles project on the 18th century. However, on the evening that I was going, there was a special event featuring Japanese lolita fashion. If you've seen many of my previous posts, you might know that I adore Japanese/Korean fashion and take a lot of inspiration from celebrities and designers from there.

There were many events taking place: Nail bars, a wig bar, Lashes and Lips by Shu Uemura, Photo Booths, Jewellery making, Talks, Music and live link ups with Paris. In my opinion though, the best part was that many Lolita girls came along, all dressed up to pose for pictures and show off their outfits, I could have just sat and watched them all for the entire time! Here are some of the pictures that I took, at first I was scared to ask the girls for photographs so some of the outfits are just shown from the back:L

Such an adorable dress!

I love her hair, and the colour of the dress.

Tiiigggghhhtttss! :O

Beautiful hair, and her shoes!

The girl looks like Lady Gaga and the guy reminds me of Jack Sparrow:L

I love how chuffed that guy looks with himself.

So cute!

My overall favourite outfit, I love it!

Her teeny hat is so cute ^-^