Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Girl's Generation Jessica Inspired Makeup

Following one of my most recent posts about Girl's Generation's Casio campaign, I decided to step out of my comfort zone a little and experiment with my makeup. You can check out all the pictures here if you want to see all the girls, but as the title implies, this post is Jessica-orientated. The whole look is incredibly colourful and not something I would even dream of wearing usually, but it's fun to try new things right? 

The main focus of the look is the eyes, Jessica's sporting three vibrant colours which clash-but-match with the bold outfit and accessories. I didn't have time to do the hair as well, but it's pretty simple once you've curled it. I'm sorry I didn't get the chance to try out the whole look, but the pieces are not the style that I usually wear so I don't actually own any statement jewelry like Jessica's, though her look makes me want some real bad:(

Let me know what you think of the look in the comments, do you guys like this sort of post?

Thursday, 11 July 2013

2nd Liebster Nomination ~ Merci M!

Aujourd'hui, je tiens à remercier M du blog My Style. Elle a nommé mon blog pour le Liebster Award, vous devriez visiter son blog (je lui recommanderai à mes amis anglais aussi!). Je mets un lien vers l'autre Liebster Award où j'ai nommé les personnes et posé des questions avant.

Je fais de mon mieux pour y répondre en Français et en Anglais, mais je m'excuse si je ne suis pas parfait ~ Je suis encore à apprendre!

Today I must thank M from the blog 'MyStyle'. She nominated my blog for the Liebster award, you should visit her blog (I also recommend her to my English friends). I put a link to the other Liebster award where I have nominated people and asked questions before.

I'm trying my best to answer in French and English but I apologize if I am not perfect ~ I am still learning!  

Les Questions:
Δ Quelles sont ta/tes destination(s) vacance pour cet été? What are your destinations this summer?
Cet été, je l'espère, de visiter l'Amérique / Canada pour voir ma famille.
This summer I hope to visit America/Canada to see my family.

Δ Tu es plutôt piscine ou plage? Pool or beach?
 En général, je préfère les piscines, mais j'aime aller à la plage quand il fait très chaud!
Usually, I prefer swimming pools, but I like to go to the beach when it is very hot!
Δ Quelle est ta série favorite? What is your favourite (TV) series?
 J'adore la télévision coréenne le plus, surtout 'Running Man' et 'Hello Baby'.
I love Korean TV the most, especially 'Running Man' and 'Hello Baby'.
Δ Ton pire fashion faux pas? Your worst fashion 'disaster'?
Quand j'étais petite, je portais beaucoup de vêtements qui ne correspondent pas ... Je ne vais pas mettre des photos ici!
When I was little, I wore many clothes that did not match... I won't put any photos on here!

Δ Quel pays as-tu déjà visité? What countries have you already visited?
Amérique, la France, l'Espagne et le Portugal.
America, France, Spain and Portugal.
Δ Quelle(s) langue(s) rêves-tu de parler? What languages do you wish to speak?
 J'espère être à l'aise en français bientôt, mais je tiens aussi à apprendre une autre langue, par exemple le coréen ou le japonais.
I hope to be fluent in French soon, but I would also like to learn another language, for example Korean or Japanese.
Δ Une phobie ? Si oui, laquelle? Any phobias? If so, what?
 Je n'ai pas de grandes phobies. Cependant, je n'aime pas les gros insectes et des animaux marins comme les requins.
I don't have any big phobias. However, I don't like big insects and some sea creatures like sharks.
Δ Ta boutique n°1 de ta liste shopping? The first shop on your shopping list?
Topshop, H&M ou Primark.
Topshop, H&M or Primark. 
Δ La chose la plus folle que tu es faite? The craziest thing you've done?
 Je ne peux pas penser à tout! Peut-être que dans le futur?
I can't think of anything! Maybe in the future?
Δ Quel est ta tenue du jour? What is your outfit of the day?
Je portais un pantalon bouffant et une blouse ~ le temps est beau et chaud en ce moment.
I am wearing baggy trousers and a blouse ~ the weather is nice and hot at the moment.

Monday, 1 July 2013

Versatile Blogger Award

Yet again I find myself thanking Tina from the blog Be Bold Be Beautiful because she's has very kindly nominated me for the versatile blog award. I urge you to check out her blog, her posts are so informative and fun, plus she's a wonderful person as well ~ Again, thank you so much Tina! ^-^

The rules for this award are as follows:
1. Thank the person who nominated you
2. Include a link to their blog
3. Nominate 15 bloggers you've recently discovered
4. Write down 7 facts about yourself

About Me:
~ Many of you know this already but I'm a massive Kpop fan, my favourite bands include SNSD, Infinite, 2ne1, B1A4, EXO and Bigbang - though I listen to loads of songs from other artists as well^^
~ I'm a little late on the bandwagon here but I've just started watching 'Gu Family Book' with Suzy and Lee Seunggi, I'm totally into it though, it seems like an amazing drama so far!
~ I often find myself hoarding various beauty products even if I hardly ever use them, especially eyeshadows...
~ I'm quite lazy when it comes to styling my hair, I love having curly hair but it's so boring and time consuming actually doing it*-*
~ I live in the countryside and as much as I love the space and beautiful landscape, I sometimes wish I lived somewhere with a bit more activity.
~ My dream job at the moment would be to work as a fashion journalist and travel the world.
~ I'm super thankful to all the lovely people who read and/or comment on my blog posts. I've met some awesome girls through blogging and I hope to stay connected to many of you in the future(:

My Nominations:
1. Laura from MuShii's cozy world
3. Chermaine from Chermaine Ho
4. Irisstar from Irisstar
5. Tram from Sweet Petitee
6. Lucy from Lucy's Blog
7. Tiffany from With Love, Tiffany
8. C. Rui Yi from LittleMiniPrincess
9. Kenzie from Kenzie Lupin
10. Bethany from Paige Of Fashion 
11. Kristina from Untitled... 
12. Nia from Nakoneko's Blog 
13. Mincho from  Weliveandstuff
14. Stephanie from Stephanie Angel
15. Gwen from Gwensternator