Friday, 27 September 2013

Face of the Day ~ Ulzzang Inspired Eyes

Sorry for the lack of posts this week guys, I've just been a little busy that's all! But I have an exciting fashion show trip tomorrow, so hopefully I can get some pictures from that (even though I'm not allowed to take them of the actual show._.). Today I thought I'd write my first 'Face of the Day' post, which I haven't done before because I'm really not that good at makeup lol. I tried my best to create an Ulzzang inspired look, with plenty emphasis on the eyes^-^ I did it first without false eyelashes because I wasn't sure if they would stick or not, I have a real love-hate relationship with eyelashes omg >_< I hope you enjoy this post, let me know if you like the Ulzzang look and what products you use to recreate it! Thanks for reading guys^-^

If you are curious about any products I use just ask me in the comments and I'll get back to you as soon as I can! 

Friday, 13 September 2013

Korean Beauty Trend ~ Gradient Lips

Today I have a small favour to ask of you guys, I know there are so many of you who regularly leave me such sweet comments ~ so please keep reading and I'll ask you all at the end of the post! ^-^

It's absolutely no secret to anyone interested in Korean makeup, fashion, music or dramas that the gradient lip trend is so popular at the moment. I've seen it worn by so many idols, ulzzangs and actresses that I've been admiring it so much recently. If you don't know already, gradient lips basically consist of a heavy or darker colour in the centre of your lips, which fades out gradually - it's usually created using a lip tint, but lipsticks or lipliners can be used too if you wish. There are a few pictures here so you can see what I'm talking about, but it's pretty self explanatory! 

The most basic and simple gradient lips can often be created using just one product, and although it might take a few minutes to get the blending right, it's a pretty quick and easy look that anyone can wear! This picture shows a felt tip brush, which I didn't think of at first, but actually I can imagine they work very well for this look.

The thing I like about the gradient lips is that they are so so easy for anyone to pull off. Use a light colour for a super subtle look, but even using a red isn't too bold for college or everyday wear. It's not as statement as a full on red lip, which I find doesn't suit me well, especially since I look pretty young compared to other girls my age in the UK. So this sort of look is perfect for most people really!

The thing I think I like the most is that the gradient lips fit so well with the Ulzzang beauty trends I've been swooning over recently. The make you look youthful and sweet, but aren't over the top ~ I guess some people would disagree but it also looks kind of natural with certain colours, like your lips are just a little rosy, which is also a sign of youthfulness.

Now you may be wondering why I haven't posted a picture of my attempt at gradient lips. I've been raving about it so much that surely I must have tried it myself right? Wrong. Shameful as it is I don't actually own any lip tints or products suitable for achieving the look. I've been looking around for some time but I just don't know what to buy! This is where you guys come in!

The people I trust more than anyone when it comes to beauty/fashion/hair advice is you guys, since many of you seem to have a great interest in it, and lots of you have experience with many different Korean makeup brands ~ something which I don't yet have. If you have a minute to leave a comment, please leave me recommendations for your favourite lip tints so I can check them out. I'm really counting on you all for some helpful and informed opinions haha - even if you aren't a 'beauty blogger' I'd love to hear which ones you use, since I don't consider myself an expert in makeup either! Thank you so much for reading guys, I look forwards to your comments! ^-^