Monday, 4 August 2014

Runway Bandits Haul and Review

Today I'm going to share with you all my experience with Singapore based online shop, Runway Bandits. I've never ordered from them before, but the clothes are so pretty and cool I couldn't resist getting a few things! Because of the location, shipping costs were a little higher that I'm used to since I don't often order clothing from abroad~ but it definitely wasn't unreasonable and honestly I was expecting worse. However the individual items were very very affordable, I ended up paying forty pounds for four things all of which I was happy with^^ 

The best part however is that my order arrived in just six days after I placed it even though it came from Singapore. I had a tracking number and even after paying a small customs fee (which was not the fault of the company) it came so much quicker than I thought.

Here's some pictures of what I bought, and how it looks on. Luckily everything fitted me perfectly and is just how I wanted it to be! (:


This skort is probably my favourite item that I ordered, it's so pretty and the quality is really good as well. I was worried that the length would be too long, but it's pretty short which is good for me because I'm only little. I really like the idea of skorts because it feels much more secure hehe^^

Buy Here for S$24.50 or £13.20


I had to cover my face in this picture because all my other expressions were horrific haha. I got fed up taking pictures so I just left it like this>.< But you can still see the clothes I think. I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that the price of the set includes both the shorts and top because I thought I'd have to pay separately, but they come together which makes the price even better! I could happily wear these items together or on their own because they're both super cute^^ I think I like the crop top the best though, it looks so pretty with just jeans or a basic skirt. 

Buy Here for S$24.50 or £13.20


This shirt is just a plain white shirt which I needed because I stained the other one that I had-_- But I like this one because it has a boxy shape and it's pretty sheer. I like to wear baggy shirts on casual days and since this one has a little collar I think it'll be nice to keep layering it throughout autumn/winter.

Buy Here for S$25.50 or £12.70

Friday, 1 August 2014

July Beauty Favourites~

July has been a super busy and exciting month for me, usually my summer holidays are pretty dull and uneventful but this year it's been great so far! However even in the midst of all the madness I've managed to try out a few new products that I'm really excited to share with you guys^^ They're all beauty related, but I do plan to write a couple of haul posts for some fashion items that I purchased over the last month. I hope that you all enjoy this post, and let me know which products are your favourites this month in the comments!

Baviphat Apple Sleeping Pack
 First up is a product that got sent to me by the lovely Sarah from Littlemissdreamer when I won her giveaway a little while ago. I didn't start using it properly until now because I wanted to use up my last sleeping pack first. I love this stuff much more than my other ones though, first of all the smell is amazing, apple scents are my favourite anyway but this smells so good I can't even tell you! But I also noticed that my skin feels very soft and looks bright when I wake up, over time I think that it's definitely improving my skin's condition^^ 

W7 Nail Polish - No Name
 I picked this nail polish up while I was rushing around the sale at work last week, they'd been reduced to a pound and I'd heard they were quite good so I just grabbed one without my thought. But the colour is so gorgeous and perfect for summer, it's like a slightly neon lemon yellow which makes your hands look more tanned and goes well with most other colours whatever outfit you wear! It does need two coats though, but then most polishes do.

Revlon Colourburst - Coquette and Audacious
 Next up are these lip balms that I bought in Superdrug, they were on offer so I bought two for about £8 which is pretty good for Revlon products. They are different formulas though, the shiny pink one is much more sheer and more like a lip balm, and the orange one is much more matte and pigmented. I think I prefer the orange because the colour is more vivid and statement. However, both are very long lasting and the colours are nice, I know many people prefer more sheer products for everyday looks^^

Soap and Glory Mist You Madly Spray 
I never used to be good at remembering to pack a nice spray or perfume in my bag, and I always regretted it because smelling good is important right? I hate putting glass bottles in my bag because they're heavy and I'm scared they'll break and leak. But this one is the perfect size and comes in a plastic spritzer, plus it smells delicious! I'm usually a big fan of Soap and Glory products, especially the bath and body stuff because the scents are always so nice.

3CE Cream Blushers - Baby Peach
I got this item really cheap on Depop from a local seller, the box is a little grubby but it's still a full sized unopened product so I think I scored with this one haha. The colour is a light peach and it looks so gorgeous on a pale skin tone, plus it'll last me forever due to the high pigmentation. As always I'm a huge 3 Concept Eyes fan and this product did not disappoint me! ^^