Thursday, 11 September 2014

Gift Swap With Mindy (MyMyChen) ^^

Recently I was talking with Mindy, a friend of mine from the blog Welcome Home, (please go and check it out because her posts are so cute and she's so sweet as well^^) and we decided to do a package exchange with eachother! I really like getting post and parcels so you can imagine how excited I was when it arrived, I couldn't contain myself haha>.< But I was blown away with how thoughtful and cute all the items she picked out were, we've never met but I feel like she knows me well~ I'm so so thankful and happy that I have a friend I can swap gifts with, thank you so much Mindy! 

We already agreed we would both blog about it, and so I'm just going to go through some of the things I received and why I like them hehe~ Hopefully this will be interesting for you all to read, if you like Asian makeup/beauty products then stick around! Thanks for reading^^

This is what the box looked like before and after I opened it, isn't the wrapping so cute?

My Beauty Diary sheet masks - there are so many of these! I already used one and it was so nice, I like to use sheet masks but I don't usually buy them for myself, so it was so good to have some I can treat myself with^^ I always wanted to try this brand as well which is a plus!

3 Concept Eyes Back to Baby BB Cream and Lip Pigment in #Brightorange - I don't think it's a secret that I really like 3CE makeup, but I was surprised that she put in two of the products I most wanted to buy. I mentioned a while ago in a post that I planned to get the BB cream but I didn't, and I'm so happy that I have it now! The lip pigment as well is in the colour that I liked the most so I don't know how she knew that>.<

Selection of sweets and chocolate from Hong Kong - I'm so jealous that Mindy went on holiday to Hong Kong but I'm happy because it meant that I get to try some yummy sweets! I already ate some and they're so good, I really enjoyed the little chocolates with gummies inside^^

Etude House eyeshadows and eye primer - Another brand I love is Etude House, but I've never tried the eyeshadows from there~ I am in love with the colours that Mindy sent me, the brown especially is so pretty and I'm using it everyday^^ I haven't tested the primer yet but I've heard great things so I'm  excited about that!

If you want to see what I got for Mindy, click here ^^