Monday, 22 February 2016

CLIO Mini Haul and Review

After a few months in Korea, I found myself in need of a new foundation. Luckily I had a trip to Seoul lined up at the right time, so scheduled in an afternoon in Myeongdong. This is a really nice shopping district well known to many foreigners. It has all kinds of shops and stalls but is arguably most famous for the cosmetics and skincare shops that seem to appear every few metres. If you ever go to Korea I really recommend you visit, there are always people standing out in front of the shops handing out free facemasks and samples (even if they do practically force you inside once you take them!).

I ended up making a stop at one of the Clio stores because I'd heard quite good things about the Kill Cover foundations. It was really small and cramped but I managed to test some of the finishes and shades to work out which one I wanted. As it turned out I also quite liked the concealer from the same line, and I grabbed a new mascara on the way to the checkout. This was my first time buying products from Clio and actually I'm very satisfied with them!

Monday, 8 February 2016

Six Months Later...

I don't even know if anybody will even read my blog posts any more, but I'm going to try and get back into the swing of things. I seriously had every intention of writing little updates while I was in Korea, but as it turned out I was so busy every day and fell out of the habit. But I'm back now! And I have a few months of not really doing very much, so if you are interested in hearing about some of the things I got up to on my travels, more posts should be appearing very soon!

For anyone who didn't know or forgot (it was so long ago I wrote about it...) I've just got back from working six months in South Korea, plus I spent a few weeks in Japan. I scored a really great opportunity to take half of my gap year and work as a teaching and boarding house assistant in an international school on Jeju Island. Through this I had the chance to travel around Korea a little bit, spending my summer holiday in Busan as well as Chuseok and New Years in Seoul. For most of December I was also able to visit Japan, though anyone who follows me on Instagram will probably be aware of this! 

A nice shot of my and my friend getting excited about temples in Kyoto