Monday, 14 March 2016

Innisfree Jeju Sparkling Mineral Cream and Essence Review

Today I'm bringing you another review, this time for some skincare products that I picked up during my time in Jeju.  I liked them so much that I repurchased them before I came back so I could continue using them in England. This cream and essence are both from the Jeju Sparking Mineral range at Innisfree. Keep reading to learn more about these products, and find out why I like them so much! If you've used Innisfree before, let me know what your favourite products are, makeup or skincare!

Saturday, 5 March 2016

My Japan Haul - Christmas 2015 ♥

I was lucky enough to take a two week trip to Japan last Christmas, which was so so exciting and I want to write more posts about it in the future! I'd been dying to visit for ages, being a big fan of Anime and cute things~ I had the best time with my two friends, and basically got to see and do everything I'd dreamed of doing since I was little ^^

The most unfortunate thing is that because I was hopping over from Korea, I could only take my little cabin bag. It was the most practical for travelling around the country, and I didn't want to bring my enormous one ._. In retrospect I wish that I had just bought a medium sized one to take with me, because I really couldn't buy very many things to bring back :( I'm grateful to have loads of photos and amazing memories from the trip, but it would be nice to have bought more souvenirs and merchandise! I hope to go back to Tokyo in the future though, so maybe I'll be more prepared ^^