Friday, 13 January 2017

COSRX Natural BHA Skin Returning A-Sol: Review

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It seems winter has finally hit Seoul this week, thankfully it's not to harsh at the moment, though I got caught in the snow on Friday morning. The unfortunate thing is my skin is struggling to adjust to the changes in temperature, so I'm trying to amp up my skincare routine. 

As I'm sure many people with an interest in Korean Skincare will tell you, if you're having skin troubles a good brand to reach for is COSRX. They're particularly famous for the pimple pads, but I was curious to see what other products the brand has to offer. So during a minor shopping spree in A Land I picked up the Natural BHA Skin Returning A-Sol to help get rid of some blemishes. This product is applied like a toner after cleansing skin and helps to clear pores like a chemical exfoliator. It's designed to be gentle and suitable for sensitive skin.

Here is some detailed information about the product:
'This formula contains 60% Black Bee Propolis to soothe, repair and hydrate skin while inhibiting bacterial growth - perfect for breakouts and acne-prone skin. Natural AHAs and BHAs also aid in controlling excess sebum, clearing impurities and dead skin cells, and helping your skin cells renew so your skin becomes clearer and brighter while maintaining natural moisture retention.'

Because I too was unsure, I looked into the benefits of AHA (Alpa Hydroxy Acid) and BHA (Beta Hydroxy Acid). AHAs are natural derived from fruits, sugars and milks while BHAs are naturally derived from tree barks. Both are often used in chemical exfoliators. They work on the top layer of skin to remove dead or damaged cells and help the growth of healthier skin underneath. They are also used to treat acne as the chemicals unplug clogged pores and stop the overproduction of sebum.

My experience with the product has been pretty good so far, it's been about two weeks of using it and I can see a difference in my skin. Most noticeably I have hardly seen any new pimples appear, which is the thing I wanted to control the most. Although not drastically, I do also think it's helping to reduce the redness of my already existing trouble areas. So I hope with continued use of the product I can clear up my skin. It's easy to use and absorbs really quickly so it doesn't get sticky. The solution's consistency is very watery and thin, and a small pump will cover your entire face, meaning the product will last a long time!

The downside comes from the scent, since it does smell quite chemical-ly. But it doesn't make the product unusable. Also the very sensitive parts of my skin sometimes sting a little when I apply the solution. But I believe the benefits outweigh these negative aspects.

You can buy this product in A-Land for around 15,000won (a little over £10.00) or many online Korean cosmetic retailers now stock this products - though the price range varies.

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