Saturday, 21 January 2017

Happy Lunar New Year! ~ Red Hot Lip Makeup Inspiration

Not having any family in Korea means that I'm spending the best part of my Seollal holiday with my textbooks. But it's still fun to see the celebrations, and this year being the year of the fire chicken I'm inspired to amp up my makeup with some bright red lip shades to get into the spirit. I'll also introduce you to a few products that are popular in Korea at the moment.

Soft Matte Lip - 3CE Liquid Lip Colour #Capricious

The matte lip makeup was a huge trend in 2016 and it seems it will be continuing into the new year. By blending out the edges of your lips with concealer or a brush, a soft and delicate effect can be created. Many girls in Korea wear their lipsticks this was as opposed to a full lip. This product from 3CE was recently released in a range of colours, and is a great product to try if you want to achieve this look.

17,000won on Gmarket

Full Red Lip - Moonshot Lip Fit Lipstick #TheRed

Moonshot is the cosmetic line released by YG entertainment, so naturally it's YG artists who advertise the products.  The lipstick range is modeled by Black Pink who gained a lot of popularity in 2016. Lisa's colour is a classic tomato red shade and when matched with simple eye makeup is great for creating a bold pin-up lip.

22,000won on Gmarket

Red Tinted Lip - Labiotte Wine Lip Tint #ShirazRed

The wine themed makeup range from Labiotte received a lot of attention for it's packaging in particular the lip makeup. Tints are not a new thing in Korea and have been popular for a long time, but these products from Labiotte come in pretty shades for winter and the packaging is really cute. They make a really nice gift for someone who likes makeup if you do come and visit Korea.

12,000won on Gmarket

Velvet Lip - Peripera Ink the Velvet #CelebDeepRose

Similar to the first soft matte lip, velvet lip products are gaining popularity in Korea. They're used to easily achieve a natural gradient look with a velvet-like finish. These Peripera lip products in particular are very well known in Korea because they are inexpensive and have very good lasting power. There's a wide range of colours available too - I also highly recommend them!

7,200 won on Gmarket

Thanks for reading, please leave any comments, questions or suggestions below! ^^ Are there any lip products that you can recommend to me? I'm always hunting for new ones~

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  1. I've always wanted to try the peripera lip tints! I've heard of how amazing they are~
    The labiotte wine lip tints have a gorgeous colour, but they can feel slightly dry in comparison to other lipsticks.
    Moonshot lipsticks are absolutely gorgeous! I have one in the colour english rose. They are super pigmented and moisturising.
    Are you still in Korea atm Emily?
    xx Charmaine

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