Monday, 2 January 2017

Klairs Mochi BB Cushion Pact: Review

Welcome back, today I'm writing a quick post to give you my opinion about a new Klairs product that has been gaining attention thanks to it's cute packaging. The Mochi BB cushion pact has a similar formula to the already popular Klairs BB cream but this cushion claims to have a formula with higher coverage and a slightly different finish. I actually won this product at a meet and greet with some famous Youtubers, rather than buy it myself, but my opinions would be the same either way!

First of all, the claims of this product are as follows:

♥ Natural, light to medium coverage
 Colour Correction
 Silky Smooth Finish

Here are some pictures of the product so you can see how cute the packaging is for yourself. The pact is fairly lightweight and has a good twist seal that clicks into place to keep the case clean and stops evaporation. The big downside to this product however is that like with the previous Klairs BB cream, there is only one shade available. So unfortunately, my skin tone is a little too fair to use this product as intended and I think many people will experience the same problem. I hope in the future the brand will come to realise there are many skin types and shades out there and release more colours to compensate!

The actual product however is pretty good, if it fits your skin colour. The finish is very silky and applies smoothly on the skin, with a natural coverage that is relatively buildable. It won't cover harsh scars or acne but if you don't have really troubled skin it does a nice job of evening out complexion. 

Bearing in mind the only available shade does not match all skin types, I recommend you test this product out if you get the chance. If nothing else it will look adorable in your purse or makeup collection!

Thank you for reading, please leave any comments/questions/suggestions below! ~
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  1. Hello Emily! It's great to see you back on blogger! I hope you're enjoying yout time in Korea so far~!
    I saw this cushion all over instagram but didn't know that it was from Klairs because I thought that they usually don't make any cute packagings haha but it seriously looks so adorable >.< ♥ Do you perhaps know what MAC shade this BB cushion is? I would love to try it once my current cushion runs out since I heard great things about the normal packaged BB cream from Klairs and this one doesn't sound too bad as well!

    1. I believe if you're somewhere around an NC 25 you could get away with it, but bear in mind it does have quite yellow undertones. Thank you for stopping by Mindy ^^ I'll try and keep in touch much more often! <3

  2. Awww I love when packaging are adorable like this one!
    Sometimes the shade (usually the only one available, hum hum) of asian products is waaaay to yellow for me and it's quite complicated when you're ordering online. :(
    Have a nice day!


    1. Yeah it's much easier if you can test the product before buying, I also have trouble with matching skin shades and undertones over here! But there are so many good cushions available these days I'm sure we can both find ones that work well for us ^^ Thank you for reading!

  3. It's always a shame, when there is only one shade available ;n; especially when this is such a cute looking product!! But yay! I'm glad to see you back blogging again (even though I kinda stalk you on instagram I mean... what)

    1. I agree, it doesn't help that I'm a sucker for packaging anyway >< Thank you for stopping by~ I'll work hard to write more good posts and take nice pictures for Instagram hehe <3